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DStv Channel Breakdown

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This below table, as given by on the 02/10/09 shows the [from left to right], EasyView, Select, Compact, Premium channels available via satellite in South Africa (Link).

The table shows what is available on the packages which are available for the following updated prices:

Easy View: R20

Select: R148

Compact: R219

Premium: R499

M-Net (101)
M-Net Movies 1 (103)
M-Net Movies 2 (104)
M-Net Stars (105)
M-Net Action (106) M-Net Action (106) M-Net Action (106)
Hallmark Channel (108) Hallmark Channel (108) Hallmark Channel (108)
TCM (109)
M-Net Series (110) M-Net Series (110) M-Net Series (110)
kykNET (111)
Magic World (112) Magic World (112) Magic World (112) Magic World (112)
Sony Entertainment (113) Sony Entertainment (113)
Africa Magic (114) Africa Magic (114)
Africa Magic+ (115) Africa Magic+ (115)
BBC Entertainment (120)
Vuzu (123)
E! Entertainment (124)
Zone Reality (125) Zone Reality (125)
Animax (126)
SABC 1 (131) SABC 1 (131) SABC 1 (131) SABC 1 (131)
SABC 2 (132) SABC 2 (132) SABC 2 (132) SABC 2 (132)
SABC 3 (133) SABC 3 (133) SABC 3 (133) SABC 3 (133)
e-TV (134) e-TV (134) e-TV (134) e-TV (134)
Soweto TV (150) Soweto TV (150) Soweto TV (150)
M-Net HD (170)
BBC Lifestyle (180) BBC Lifestyle (180)
Travel Channel (181)
The Home Channel (182) The Home Channel (182) The Home Channel (182)
The Style Network (183) The Style Network (183)
Fashion TV (184) Fashion TV (184) Fashion TV (184)
Big Brother Africa (198)
SuperSport Blitz (200) SuperSport Blitz (200) SuperSport Blitz (200) SuperSport Blitz (200)
SuperSport 1 (201)
SuperSport 2 (202)
SuperSport 3 (203) SuperSport 3 (203)
SuperSport 4 (204) SuperSport 4 (204)
SuperSport 5 (205)
SuperSport 6 (206)
SuperSport 7 (207)
SuperSport Maximo (208)
ESPN (230) ESPN (230)
ESPN Classic (231)
Telly Track (232) Telly Track (232)
SuperSport Action (247)
Discovery Channel (250)
BBC Knowledge (251)
The History Channel (254)
Crime and Investigation (255)
National Geographic (260) National Geographic (260) National Geographic (260)
Nat Geo Wild (261)
Animal Planet (264) Animal Planet (264)
Ignition (265)
Cartoon Network (301) Cartoon Network (301)
Boomerang (302)
Disney Channel (303)
Nickelodeon (305) Nickelodeon (305)
Cbeebies (306)
Koowie (307)
Mindset Learn (319) Mindset Learn (319) Mindset Learn (319) Mindset Learn (319)
Channel O (320) Channel O (320)
MTV (321)
MTV Base (322) MTV Base (322)
VH-1 (323)
MK (324)
Trace TV (325) Trace TV (325)
One Gospel (331) One Gospel (331)
TBN (341) TBN (341) TBN (341) TBN (341)
Rhema TV (343) Rhema TV (343) Rhema TV (343) Rhema TV (343)
Islam Channel (347) Islam Channel (347)
BBC World News (400)
CNN (401) CNN (401) CNN (401)
Sky News (402) Sky News (402)
eNews (403) eNews (403)
Euro News (404)
Russia Today (405)
Al Jazeera (406) Al Jazeera (406) Al Jazeera (406) Al Jazeera (406)
Parliamentary Service (408) Parliamentary Service (408) Parliamentary Service (408) Parliamentary Service (408)
CNBC Africa (410) CNBC Africa (410) CNBC Africa (410) CNBC Africa (410)
Bloomberg (411)
Summit TV (412)
Weather 24 (415) Weather 24 (415) Weather 24 (415)
RAI International (430)
BVN (431)
ERT (432)
Deutsche Welle (406)
CCTV4 (447)
CCTV9 (448)
RTP International (501)
TV5 Monde Afrique (607)

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October 2, 2009 at 3:20 pm

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More Internet domains for South Africa

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Staff Reporter Sapa | 17 September, 2009
From MyBroadBand

South Africans could soon choose to register their websites by using city specific and other domains

South Africans could soon choose to register their internet sites by using city specific domains, or speciality fields like sport instead of the domain, the .za Domain Name Authority said on Thursday.

This was due to the boom experienced in the .za domain, said .za Domain Name Authority general manager, Vika Mpisane in a statement.

“The number of internet users now using the South African domain has passed the 500,000 milestone and is increasing at an impressive rate as more and more people register.

“The authority is looking at offering South Africans more secure and easily identifiable options in .za… a limited number of new domains may be opened to provide users with a wider choice including city specific domains,” said Mpisane.

Apart from considering domains like sport, food and local city-specific ones, the authority was also considering re-opening domains like and, said Mpisane.

“The recent experience globally has shown that city-specific domains may generate a lot of excitement in the market. The Authority will be willing to explore the possibility of adding city-specific domains in .za,” he said.

To avoid issues of trademark and brand name abuse which were likely to hinder the expansion as cyber squatters attempt to profit from confusing or abusing known brands online, the authority will get the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Regulations extended to cover other .za domains, said Mpisane.

The ADR process currently covers the domain only, the largest under the .za banner.

He said the boom on the .za domain was due to South African businesses being aware of the benefits of registering with their country’s domain name.

“There are vital reasons to register a .za domain name. Not only do you enjoy the benefit of your country of location being easily identifiable online, as opposed to .com or .org where you are somebody somewhere in the world, you also know that any legal disputes over your name will be settled locally.

“This is not the case with non-South African domains — when you register a .biz, .com, or .net names, you are exposed to foreign jurisdictions which might have severe cost implications.

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September 17, 2009 at 6:39 pm

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New signage may help ease Cape Town’s traffic woes

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By: Leandi Cameron
11th September 2009

All major Cape Town highways will soon be fitted with electronic signage boards to ease traffic congestion by alerting motorists to slowdowns and accident scenes, while also suggesting alternative routes.

Cape Town-based companies Sport & Traffic Technologies (SATT) and Metacom recently won the tender to provide the communications infrastructure to support the network of electronic signboards, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Accurate Information

“Giving motorists accurate information about traffic conditions can help ease congestion,” says SATT MD Frank Mac Beath. “The system feeds information from a network of cameras to a central control room, where operators can assess the situation and decide what messages to send motorists through the signage boards.”

“The system relies on fast communication between the control centre and the signage boards out on the highways,” says Metacom chief technology officer Jako Winter. “We are supplying a solution that includes our own virtual private network, built on the existing infrastructure of the cellular networks. Our communication devices all have dual subscriber identity module cards so they can instantly switch over if any of the networks go down.”

According to Metacom MD Réan van Niekerk, traditional communication solutions mean digging up roads to lay cables, which is very expensive.

He adds that, by using cellular tech- nology, the project will deliver a more cost-effective communication without compromising reliability. It also means than the company can remotely monitor all its devices in the field and maintain them in the event of a problem, without needing to send a technician to the site.

Mac Beath says that cellular commu- nication is very effective, both as a first- line solution and as backup for other communication technologies. “There is a huge problem with cable theft and it can take weeks to fix, so we always use cellular communication as backup to fibre, because it is easy to roll out, [involves] low maintenance and does not suffer from the noise issues we are starting to see with WiFi.”

Joint Projects

He concludes that the reliability of the system has been proven in other joint projects between Metacom and SATT, including signage for the Cape Town International Convention Centre and the Chapman’s Peak scenic drive, as well as the Ben Schoeman highway in Gauteng. “It is a solid industrial product. I have had some units out in the field for six or seven years and none have failed yet, even though the traffic environment, in particular, is incredibly corrosive.”

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September 15, 2009 at 11:11 am

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Google Street View comes to South Africa

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From MyBroadBand

Staff Reporter MyBroadband | 01 September, 2009

Google announced today that it has started to collect images in South Africa for Google Maps Street View

Google today announced that it has started to collect imagery in South Africa for the Street View feature in Google Maps. In the coming weeks Google will begin driving around South Africa and taking photographs of locations in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban.

The images collected by Google will be processed and stitched, something which according to Google can take several months. This imagery will be made available at a later stage in Street View on Google Maps for South Africa.

The benefits of Google Maps Street View include getting a better understanding of certain locations, helping consumers find businesses and raising awareness of prominent locations in South Africa.

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September 2, 2009 at 4:32 pm

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New Cowboys Stadium

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Got to admit, American’s have a way of doing things:

The 160ft by 72ft scoreboard is the most expensive HDTV at $40M.

The 160ft by 72ft scoreboard is the most expensive HDTV at $40M.

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August 26, 2009 at 6:41 pm

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Calton Hotel Prices in 1963

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August 22, 2009 at 10:25 am

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Free Online Education

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Now YouTube is offering lecture videos from certain tertiary education institutes in the USA.

Check it out on or full site here.

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August 1, 2009 at 7:39 pm

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