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Twoogle: Google meets Twitter rumors

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According to rumors, internet gaint Google could be planning a buy out of the ever popular Twitter. Twitter, as many would know is a real time update social network based on what people are doing. This concept, mostly as it incorpotates a search function, might just threaten Google.

Twitter Search does an great job of cataloguing information from its users, and therefore some argue that this ability is a threat to Google.

Although to most, and admittingly to me as well, this does seem rather an ambitious thought, the fact that Twitter is proving to be faster on the rea-time happenings than even Google News could be makes it quite favourable. This was displayed during the US Airway crash near Manhatten as well as the Bombay terror attacks.

A Twoogle could be a real winner for users as Computerworld’s Seth Weintraub points out, Twitter could help create “a better pool of data from which to pool stories and gauge their popularity. It could also help Google’s lagging social networking site, Orkut, by establishing connections between Google users.”


Written by techran

April 3, 2009 at 3:05 pm

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