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Linux OS's to get 1% of World Market?

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Following up on previous

posts (latest here), I am posting the Top Operating System Share Trend information run by

The picture looks very similar to what has been previously with Mac and Linux growing in share, and Windows slowing slipping. Si

nce my last article in December 08, Linux has climbed 0.15% to 0.9% of the world OS pie (up until March 08). This growth could very well not only continue to grow, but actually begin to grow substantially faster when many PC users start investigating updates and changes when the (presumably) costly Windows 7 rreleases.

Windows since December 08 has seen a drop of 0.49% points from 88.63% to 88.14% in March 09 – a reduction in percentage points over twice the amount that Linux is gaining. Mac on the other hand is like Linux in that it is experiencing steady growth sitting at 9.77%, up 0.24% from December 08.

With Snow Leopard and Windows 7, as well as a new Ubuntu release all on the cards in 2009, the OS wars will only get more interesting.


Written by techran

April 3, 2009 at 3:24 pm

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