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$1498 for a single MB of SMS's.

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ZDNet have raised questions about the costs of SMS taking into consideration the very small amount of data that they consume.

At present, according to ZDNet AT&T charges 20c per message in the USA, which after one does the calculations amounts to around $1 310.72/MB of data used.

The calculation was done by doing the following. A SMS message consists of 160 characters with a single character equalling 1 byte. (according to Gthing Science Project a standard SMS message contains up to 1120 bits of data). Though, SMSes use 7 – not 8 – bit characters – which leaves you with 128 possible character values instead of the 256 in computer systems. So therefore, 1120bits/7bits = 160 characters.

So once we have done this part of the calculation, the rest is fairly easy. With 1 048 576 bytes in a megabyte around 7490 SMS’s will make up a megabyte. At a rate of 20c per SMS it equates to $1498 per MB of data (before any other deductions such as headers and who is charged for the sending and receiving), which is a very far way from the current US data rates charged by ISP’s, leaving us asking why do SMS’s cost what they do?


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September 18, 2008 at 10:41 am

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