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New MacBooks this October?

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Apple really do seem to be in a hurry lately. With most people still raving about the 1G iTouch, the 2G arrives to astonish us all, and now this…new MacBooks.

Nothing is official yet, but according to inside sources as Apple, the new babies are to be shipped on the 18/09/08. The date stands to reason, as Apple’s annual high season is coming up – back to school and just after college returns. The only specifications available at this stage that we know for sure are that they’ll be upgraded with the latest Intel chips.

So as we don’t know much about the new MacBooks, and personally can’t figure out why they need to ship new ones just months after the upgraded old ones,we’ll be left guessing (for the next few weeks at least). Oh…and keep and ear open for new iMacs, there’s a whisper in the wind about them too.


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September 11, 2008 at 5:19 pm

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