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Google Chrome Review For Windows

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Google have now come up with their browser, called Chrome. This is an open source browser that is set to add some heat to the ever on-going battle between Opera, Firefox, IE and Netscape. I have got my hands, or at least my computer has, on the new browser to give you my review on how it shapes up to my high expectations.

The look:

– It is modern and fresh compared to other browsers.
– Easy to find your way around.
Vs. Firefox 3:
– Also searches within URL’s.
– Tab browsing.
– Slower.
– Few add-ons as can be expected.
What I loved:
– Imported all previous files/passwords etc. from other browsers.
– Searches headings of URL’s to quickly search for what you want.
– Nice not to have the standard windows toolbars and functions at the top of the window.
– Seems to save pages so going to previously visited pages is very fast.
– The default page when clicking on the new tab button is very handy (shows most viewed pages for quick access).
What I disliked:
– Not as fast as Opera and Firefox from my usage.
– No status bar.
– Found Face Book and YouTube to be very slow to load first time compared to other browsers.
– Although it is nice that it saves pages for browsing in the future (as mentioned above), this makes first time loading of a URL very slow.
I am impressed with Googles effort. Though I do not feel that this browser has enough to it to be able to dethrone browsers like IE and Firefox. Features such as the slow first time load time though quick second time load time can be either useful, or a big irritation.

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September 3, 2008 at 12:10 am

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