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21 Things I Hate About Windows

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1. It gets viruses.
2. It’s forever freezing.
3. It’s error messages might as well not be there ‘cos no one understands them.
4. Why can’t it simply register that there’s a flash disk in it, instead of searching for and playing hide and seek with it.
5. Internet Explorer 1,2,3… all suck.
6. There are way to many places to put way to many files – keep it simple please.
7. The search bars are shocking.
8. Vista’s shut down button is further away than lock, why?
9. Microsoft products are terrible.
10. Microsoft Help Centre is just as bad.
11. Microsoft’s website is ugly – look at for neatness.
12. You forever have to update your computer with a) Hardware
13. b) Software
14. Vista is always asking me to allow or confirm what I have just clicked.
15. Windows tray is so painful, watching it load while your machine lags…urg…
16. Vista has issues with a) Drivers
17. b) codecs
18. c) applications
19. d) hardware.
20. e) me.
21. It just isn’t a Mac 😛


Written by techran

September 3, 2008 at 9:34 pm

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